The Consortium


The PLan-V Project combines clinical and technological research with business innovation, bringing together three research organizations and two companies. The Partners collaborate in experimental development and industrial research activities in order to explore, improve and apply innovative methodologies in the field of therapeutic intervention on the subject of Speech and Language Disorders.

University of Patras,
Department of Speech and Language Therapy

The mission of the Department of Speech and Language Therapy is to educate students on the biological processes of communication (language, speech, voice) and swallowing, to serve the community of individuals with communication disorders or differences, and to promote the scientific study of human communication and its disorders.
The Department was established in 1996 and is the first of its type in Greece. Three faculty members of the Department are involved in the project, representing the scientific fields that contribute to its interdisciplinary nature (Speech & Language Pathology, Linguistics, Information Technology).

Arhonto Terzi
Ιoannis Papakyritsis
Assistant Professor
Speech Pathology
Voula Georgopoulos
Michaela Nerantzini
Postdoctoral Researcher
Anthi Zafeiri
Phd Candidate
Speech Therapist
Theophano Christou
PhD Candidate
Dafni-Vaia Bagioka
PhD Candidate
Speech & Languate Therapist
Dimitra Terzi
Visual Artist

ATHENA Research Center, Institute for Language and Speech Processing

ATHENA Research Center has an exclusive focus on information technologies and applications, and conducts high quality Research, develops Technologies and contributes to the production of Innovation in the fields of Informatics, Communications and Computer Science.The PLan-V project is implemented by the Institute of Speech and Language Processing (ILSP), the oldest Institute of the ATHENA RC. ILSP is a leading organization in Language Technologies in Greece and a center of excellence for basic and applied research in the field. It conducts interdisciplinary research, drawing on two traditions, linguistics and information technologies.The project is mainly implemented by the Department of Speech, Media and Content Technologies. The Department focuses on research, technological development, and innovation in the field of analysis, processing, recognition and synthesis of signal and content. Emphasis is placed both on speech, and on multimedia and multimodal content. In this context, a vast range of activities are included, such as the analysis, recognition and synthesis of speech, music symbolic processing, image, and video processing for information extraction etc. partners.lsp.personnel=Ομάδα Έργου: Ινστιτούτο Επεξεργασίας Λόγου

Vassilis Katsouros
Electrical Engineer, Research Director
Athanasios (Nassos) Katsamanis
Electrical Engineer, Principal Researcher
Spyridoula Varlokosta
Linguistics Professor, Associate Faculty Member
Spyridoula (Pepi) Stamouli, PhD
Linguist, Research Associate
Athanasia-Lida (Nassia) Dimou, PhD
Linguist, Research Associate
Emmanouil (Manos) Plitsis
PhD candidate in Information Technology, Research Associate
Gerasimos Chatzoudis
Electrical Engineer, Research Associate
Nikoletta Ventoura
Postgraduate Student in Computational Linguistics, Research Associate

Embedded System Design & Applications Laboratory (ESDA LAB),
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering,
University of Peloponnese

The Laboratory of Embedded System Design & Applications (ESDA LAB) of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering of the University of Peloponnese specializes in the design of integrated and cyberphysical systems. It also designs and develops infrastructure and applications for IoT (Internet of Things) through the ATLAS platform, an innovative infrastructure developed by the Lab. The Lab participates in competitive research projects funded either by national resources (EQUAL, RESEARCH-INNOVATE-CREATE) or by the European Commission through the FP7 (ALMA, ARMOR) and Horizon 2020 (RIO) funding frameworks. It has organized a number of international conferences in related areas (2014 - International Conference on Field Programming Gate Arrays, 2017 - IEEE Computer Society Annual Symposium on VLSI, 2018 - International Conference on Reconfigurable Computing).

Nikolaos Voros
Christos Antonopoulos
Assistant Professor
Evanthia Faliagka
Postdoctoral Researcher


The ANIMUS Rehabilitation and Recovery Center started its operation in May 2008. It is built in an exceptionally beautiful area, approximately 170 acres, at 8 km. Larissa-Trikala. The interdisciplinary rehabilitation team, with more than 200 health professionals, fully trained scientifically, in combination with innovative therapeutic equipment and modern facilities, ensures the optimal physical, emotional and social rehabilitation of patients who, after accidents or illnesses, need open or closed hospitalization for their rehabilitation and recovery.

Eirini Koukourava
Georgia Tzeli
Speech Therapist

PIKEI - New Technologies G.P.

PIKEI - New Technologies is an ICT company, founded in 2018 in Patras, Greece. The company is staffed by human resources with a strong background in ICT and a clear orientation to modern internet services, distributed systems and the internet of things(IoT). The company designs and implements solutions targeting modern supply chains and logistics focusing on transparent and secure product tracking through Blockchain technologies. PiKei - New Technologies G.P. carries also strong experience in developing and supporting asynchronous distance learning applications. The company's portfolio consists of both privately funded development projects and national and European funded research projects.

Dimitris Karadimas
Electrical Engineer
Christos Panagiotou
Computer Engineer