Web application for collecting spoken narrative discourse data

This web-based application is designed to collect spoken narratives from people with aphasia (PWA) and unimpaired adults, either in-person or remotely, without any additional materials or equipment.

The application implements a protocol of seven narrative tasks for eliciting narrative discourse. Four of them are adopted from the Kakavoulia et al. (2014) narrative elicitation protocol developed for the assessment of Greek-speaking PWA (Varlokosta et al., 2016):

  1. “Stroke story”: PWA narrate the personal story of their stroke, while unimpaired participants narrate a health-related incident about themselves (“health or accident story”).
  2. “the Party”: Story production based on a 6-picture sequence. The picture stimuli are original and depict an adult every-day life incident.
  3. “the Ring”: Retelling of an unknown recorded story, supported by a 5-picture series. The story is original, with the structure of a traditional fairy tale. The participants are offered visual support by a sequence of five pictures depicting main events of the story while narrating the story.
  4. “Hare and Tortoise”: Retelling of a familiar recorded story, which is an adaptation of the Aesop’s fable, without visual support.

Additionally, three tasks are adopted from the AphasiaBank standard discourse protocol

  1. “Refused umbrella”: Story production based on a 6-picture sequence
  2. “Cat rescue”: Story production based on a single picture
  3. “Cinderella”: Narration of the traditional Cinderella fairytale. Participants first go through the wordless storybook to refresh their memory and afterwards they narrate the story without looking at the pictures

An elaborated Elicitation and Administration Guide (in Greek) is provided to the investigators who wish to administer the protocol.

Login information: For login to the application, please contact [email protected] to provide account credentials